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[Review] Wei Rapid Glow Liquid Milk

This may be called “liquid milk”, but there’s no dairy in it! I was very happy that I received this in my last 3B bag, and I have been using it almost daily!

Wei is a higher-end cosmetics company that incorporates “TCM” (Traditional Chinese Medicine) ingredients into their products. The founder grew up in China but relocated to the U.S. and founded the company, according to the website, although she has a manufacturing facility in China.

I’ll get into more of the product information after the pictures!


This 30mL bottle has lasted me quite a while with regular use!


It has a screw-off lid with a shaker-hole at the top:


You just give the bottle a couple shakes into your hand and it dispenses a good amount with a few shakes. This is just a couple of drops onto the back of my hand:


It’s milky-white and quite runny.


It soaks into the skin very quickly with blending, and it instantly makes my skin feel smooth, soft and silky! I always find myself stroking my skin after applying this.

It does have a subtle scent that smells very natural… it’s hard to describe, but I’m guessing it has to do with the five grains in it. It’s a lovely scent that dissipates quickly and that, quite frankly, some people might not even notice because it’s very subtle.

I’m not quite sure if it improved my skin aside from making it soft, supple and hydrated – I think that’s basically what it did over the past month, from what I could see.

Here is the information on this product from

This particular product focuses on “Five Sacred Grains” – Rice, Millet, Sorghum, Job’s tears, and Black Soybean:


I totally agree that this softens the skin – my face feels like a baby’s butt after applying this stuff! I do feel that it hydrates and softens my skin. I don’t find myself agreeing with claims very often, but this is one of those products that does what it says!


I do follow these instructions – I use it like a “first essence” by applying it right after my cleanser and toner, then follow it with my other essences and emulsions/creams.

Here are the ingredients:


Here’s what you can find about the product on


I was a little surprised that you can’t get the full-sized bottle on the 3B site, but when I did the math, it’s actually cheaper to buy several of these “mini” sized 30mL bottles for $5 a piece than to get the full-size $48 200mL bottle!

I was very happy about this product and so glad that I got to try it!

Here’s my rating scale:

Starting from the left:

  1. ABSOLUTE FAIL. Would not repurchase.
  2. Meh. Not horrible, but not that good either.
  3. Hmmm. That’s interesting and I like it enough to use it all.
  4. Ooohhh. I definitely like this.
  5. WOW. This stuff is great! *.*

I give this product a 5/6 – pretty good stuff, here, guys. I only took off a point at the end because I can’t get it very easily online. The only place I found that sells the full-size product (did anyone find a good site besides me?) is the Wei Beauty site itself, and The 3B Box site only sells sample sizes of it. When I order products online (especially cosmetic products), I am loathe to order something on its own, usually due to not being able to meet the minimum amount for free shipping and such. It would have to be a pretty life-changing product for my lazy self to go about ordering just one product from Wei Beauty or a bunch of samples from 3B, so I’m probably not going to order this any time soon… but I’m sure as hell going to enjoy every last drop of this stuff! Wow!! Talk about soft skin! ❤ If I do get the chance to order this on a website like Jolse, etc in the future, I’ll definitely think about getting a bottle of this! I recommend it!

4 thoughts on “[Review] Wei Rapid Glow Liquid Milk

  1. I’m not sure if I subscribe to the whole Traditional Chinese Medicine stuff… but this looks like a good hydrating serum! And I’m glad it doesn’t contain dairy… so many Chinese people are lactose intolerant! 😉 XD

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