February Empties!!

I cannot believe it’s already March! February is always such a quick month! I’ve still managed to fill up my Empties box, with both skincare and makeup items!

Just like the last Empties, I’ll sum up how I feel about the product and then give it a rating from my scale:

Starting from the left:

  1. ABSOLUTE FAIL. Would not repurchase.
  2. Meh. Not horrible, but not that good either.
  3. Hmmm. That’s interesting and I like it enough to use it all.
  4. Ooohhh. I definitely like this.
  5. WOW. This stuff is great! *.*


I’ll start with the sheet masks:

I posted about all three of these on Instagram!
  • A’pieu Black Charcoal Mask: This was good. I liked it because my acne swelling went down, redness decreased, and it did feel hydrating. 4/6
  • When The Last Choice: This one was really good. It was moisturizing, stuck to my face very well (bio-cellulose) and I woke up to even, hydrated, plump skin! Yay! 5/6
  • Botanic Farm Avocado Mask: I liked this one, but it wasn’t anything exciting. Just a good, hydrating mask. Nothing bad about it, but nothing to write home about! 3/6
I posted about these three on Instagram, too!
  • Leaders Amino Clearing Mask: This was great! It really helped my skin; I woke up to clear, even-toned, hydrated, glowy skin! 5/6
  • My Beauty Diary Vanilla Moisturizing Aroma Mask: This mask was good, but nothing too exciting. I did really like it and thought it was pretty moisturizing. 4/6
  • The Face Shop 3-Step Volcanic Pore Strip/Mask: This was just horrible. Would not recommend. Even if you LIKE to use these to ruin your pores (aka widen them and scar them), this one wasn’t effective at ruining them anyway. They just stung my top layer of skin to death and tore it off. 1/6


  • Yes To Cucumbers Facial Wipes: These weren’t as moisturizing as the Yes To Coconut wipes, but they did the trick and didn’t irritate my skin. 4/6
  • Missha Line Friends Essence Sun: This is my current sunscreen for now – I did repurchase already – it dries down nicely and doesn’t feel greasy, doesn’t irritate my skin, and lasts me a while before I have to repurchase. I’d still try others to see if I can find a better one. This one is pretty good. 4/6


  • SNP Animal Panda Warming Eye Mask: This was way more effective and fun than I expected it to be! I thought it would be this gimmicky, ill-fitting thing that I would probably never purchase on my own. Wrong! I pulled this out on a school night when I had a headache and couldn’t fall asleep, and I was shocked that as soon as you take it out of the packet it starts to warm up. Maybe it reacts on contact to air? Not sure! But the way the heating pack felt on my eyes as I lay in bed was so heavenly that I knew I would have to buy a few of these in the future. I fell asleep before I knew what happened.  I’d give this “warming eye mask” idea a full 6/6, but this particular eye mask gets a 5/6 because I do wish it had fit a little big more snug around the eyes.


  • Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Sleeping Mask: This is my second tube and BOY does it take forever to finish up! This sucker has been clinging to life for a whole year now, I swear. I was using it every night, too, I really don’t know how it took so long to empty out. You don’t need much for your entire face, and it’s a very large tube, I suppose. It’s not too heavy on the face and dries down to a matte finish while locking everything in before it, doesn’t feel sticky, and gives me a glow in the morning. It’s basically my HG back-up sleeping mask that I give away to friends and family that have never discovered the wonders of a sleeping mask (or snails). Needless to say, this gets a full 6/6!
  • A’Pieu Clean Up Herb Source Cleansing Water: This has been my HG cleansing water since I got into asian beauty skincare stuff wayyyyy back in 2014 when I lived in Taiwan. It’s got a low pH, doesn’t leave any residue, doesn’t dry out my face, takes all my makeup off (except for super waterproof mascara like Heroine Make), doesn’t sting my eyes, and definitely leaves my face clean and makeup free without irritation. Holy. Grail. I’ve tried replacements, but nothing has beat it yet. This is harder to come by but I can find it on eBay for $15 a bottle. Ouch, but this stuff is worth it for when I’m too lazy to do the whole double cleansing routine! I can’t even remember which number bottle this is, I’ve lost count! 6/6


  • TonyMoly Latte Art Milk-Tea Morning Pack: I held onto this for way too long, thinking I’d eventually get through it. I kept forgetting to use it in the mornings so I finally parted ways with it – there’s not much left in there now and it’s too old to use. I love this stuff! It gives me a good base for makeup and locks my morning skin routine in (when I do the whole shebang). This tube form is kind of hard to find the last time I checked, so not sure if I can even repurchase this, but I totally would. I know there’s a jar form of it out there, but I’d never buy a jar. This was 5/6 for me.
  • Pixi Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner: I reaaaaally miss this toner. I ran out early February just after my last Empties post and I missed it all month. I haven’t repurchased because I hauled another toner recently but I’m seriously considering buying another bottle anyway. I just love how this feels on my skin after I use it and I do think it helped my skin. It also really felt like it helped prep my skin for the rest of my routine. This was my second bottle of it, too. Sigh! Next trip to Target… lol. I give this a 6/6 – any product that I miss this much when I don’t have it is definitely a HG product.


  • TonyMoly Phytoncide Pore Gel Cream & Floria Whitening Cream: I liked using both of these, but I think the night that I used the whitening cream I woke up to more even-toned skin. When I used these, they were both lazy nights where I just used face wipes and then a sample cream. I definitely liked the Floria better for moisture and skin tone. 3/6
  • V10 Plus Licorice & Collagen Serum: These had a lot of product in the foil packets, actually, but I used them each in one sitting by slathering on as much as I could. I felt like they were hydrating, but… I really didn’t feel like they did anything special. Definitely not worth the high price tag ($98 USD per bottle, yikes!). Pass! 3/6
  • Lioele Dollish Veil Vita BB Blemish Balm: This stuff was great! Oh my gosh, I’ve loved every single Lioele sample that I get from Jolse. This was a great every-day, light/medium coverage, no-fuss BB cream and I would totally buy this. It lasted most of my day. It matched my shade, too (NC20)! 4/6


  • A’pieu x Rilakkuma Air Fit Cushion: I didn’t love this cushion at first – I first tried it in the summer (humid) and loved the high coverage but disliked the transfer and lasting power. This stuff works wonders in the dry/cold winter climate. It keeps my skin moist and glowy but sets beautifully and gives me a flawless finish with little effort. I don’t even have to set it with a powder in the winter, but even if I do it doesn’t look dry since this offers moisture. I give this a 5/6 for winter but a 4/6 for summer.
  • Etude House Precious Mineral Moist Any Cushion: This is a good basic cushion, but it doesn’t last as long as the regular Any Cushion or the A’Pieu Air Fit. I underlined the “moist” in the name there to prevent any confusion with the regular Any Cushion. Whenever I use this I definitely need a primer and a powder/setting spray, and I have normal skin currently in a dry climate… so not the best cushion ever, but if you don’t mind touching up throughout the day or you don’t need it to last long then this is a great cushion that gives a natural, light/medium, glowy finish that looks pretty! I give this a 3/6 and will not repurchase because it’s higher maintenance for me than the regular version. I still have one more refill to work through, though. I bought a bunch on clearance at some point.
  • Clio Lipnicure: I got this ages ago and it’s hard for me to finish lip products. I did end up using roughly half of it. But maybe some of it evaporated, lol. This one did have some lasting power but it has a weird, paint-y smell/taste that I never liked and made me use it less and less as my lip tint collection grew and grew. This just needs to go. I don’t think I’d really recommend this product, actually… the lasting power was pretty much the same as my regular Milani cream lipsticks and the smell is almost intolerable. I give this a 2/6.


  • Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner: This stuff is witchcraft. You just put a bit in a bowl, dip your brush in it, and rub your brush on a rag or paper towel until all the pigment is off. It’s amazing and quick, and gets my brushes cleaner than washing them with soap & water sometimes! It has a vanilla scent that stays with the brushes for a couple hours afterwards, so people who don’t like fragrance won’t want to use their brushes right after using this cleanser. After they dry it dissipates pretty well. I love this stuff, but it is a tad pricey so I’m not repurchasing right away. Soap & water is more budget-friendly. 5/6

That’s it for February! Hope all this chatter helped! ❤

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