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[Review] Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect Oil Cleansing Tissue

I’ve had my eye on this cleansing tissue for a few months actually, and finally purchased it in my last, large haul from Jolse (see blog post). I’m a nursing student, so I definitely have days where I’m just too physically and/or mentally exhausted to take my makeup off properly with oil cleansing and all that… but then, I remembered that in Taiwan I’d tried cleansing wipes with oil cleanser in them from A’Pieu!

My favorite website to order off of right now is Jolse, so I ended up getting two different oil cleansing wipes that they offered. One of them was from Skinfood’s Black Sugar line:

It does come with a sticker seal which I removed a few days before this picture. I have no patience. Lol.

The cover snaps shut nicely and does maintain the moisture in these wipes.

It doesn’t list the ingredients in English and I really couldn’t find them anywhere online. Hmmm.  If anyone happens to find them, leave a comment below and I’ll add it in!

The tissues feel super soft and are thicker than my Yes To Tomatoes wipes. The scent they have is not strong, and is just kind of a light, clean scent if that makes sense.

This contains 40 cleansing tissues.

Here is what this cleansing tissue was up against in my test:

From left to right: Heroine Make Volume & Curl mascara in Brown, Palgantong Real Impact Liner in 201 Brown, Holika Holika Jewel-Light Waterproof liner in Pink Topaz, Rimmel Scandal-Eyes pencil liner, Holika Holika Jewel-Light Waterproof liner in Brown Amber, Etude House Dear Darling Oil Tint in Grapefruit Syrup.

Just FYI, the Heroine Make Volume & Curl mascara is the most waterproof mascara I’ve ever found, the Palgantong Real Impact liquid liner is the most budge-proof liquid liner I’ve ever found, and the Etude House oil tint is the best lip tint I’ve ever found so far.

I did put a layer of BB cushion underneath all of these as well.

I let them dry for one hour before wiping them off, to really make sure they had dried onto my skin.

Here’s the tissue before use:

This tissue is not flimsy, and while it’s not dripping wet it does have enough product in it to really take off a full face of makeup. When I first tried this tissue I was skeptical because between my fingers it felt like it was on the dryer side, yet felt like it had a film on it of some sort of substance… kind of oily but kind of not… hard to explain – but once I started wiping my face with it, I noticed that there was more product in it than I thought. I was able to use every last bit of surface on the tissue and it didn’t dry out on me in the process.

It’s fascinating because the cleansing oil tissues from A’Pieu definitely felt oily, but this just feels a bit moisturizing.

Since this was just on the back of my hand though, I didn’t need to use much of the tissue to get the makeup off:

It took 3 attempts to get all the stuff off my hand:

I knew ahead of time that the Heroine Make mascara would be more difficult to get off, and even more so on my eyelashes, but the Rimmel liner I didn’t expect to be so resilient because it often smudges around on my eyes despite its claim for being waterproof. Huh!

So: some normal, gentle wiping it did take off almost everything in the first wipe with the exception of some of the Heroine Make mascara and a tiny bit of the Rimmel liner (damn, Rimmel!! why can’t you stay on my eyes like you do on my hand?!?).  The remaining bits took a bit more work to get off, but it did all come off after some more rubbing. There was still a tiny bit of staining left from my lip tint (you can see where it was to the right, there).

I did also make sure to try this on my face the next time I wore my Heroine Make mascara in order to see how it took that (very waterproof) mascara off my actual lashes. It took roughly 60% of it off, but I could feel from the stiffness of my lashes at the bases that there was definiltey still some product there. My dual-phase eye makeup remover took the remaining mascara off my lashes. I do want to add that on nights when I use non-waterproof mascara, this tissue is able to remove all of my mascara. Heroine Make mascara (volume & curl) is the most waterproof, long-wearing mascara I’ve ever encountered, so it’s a difficult test for any point makeup remover.

With regards to the rest of my face makeup, this does a great job removing it all – the foundation, the eyeshadow, brow makeup, etc. I do always go over my face again with a regular cleansing wipe (right now I’m using the one from Goodal from my haul) after using the oil cleansing one to get rid of any leftover makeup or residue. When I only use my facial cleansing tissues (due to exhaustion or lack of f***s to give) I then follow up both of those with a swipe of the Yes To Tomatoes cleansing wipe because that has salicylic acid in it and helps to prevent more breakouts and maintain clear skin despite my lack of a skincare routine on those nights.

It doesn’t irritate my eyes or my skin, and feels very soft against my skin. The tissues themselves feel well-made and do not feel flimsy at all.

So, overall, this Skinfood cleansing wipe is a very good option for those who want an “oil cleanser” type of cleansing wipe. I definitely feel like it was a good addition to my routine for my “I have clinical and no time to spare” nights. o(^_^)o

I’d give this a 5/6! I took off a point for not being able to remove my very waterproof mascara, because it is my favorite mascara… Maybe I’ll be able to come across an oil cleansing tissue that does, someday…  ❤

Here’s my rating scale for reference:

Starting from the left:

  1. ABSOLUTE FAIL. Would not repurchase.
  2. Meh. Not horrible, but not that good either.
  3. Hmmm. That’s interesting and I like it enough to use it all.
  4. Ooohhh. I definitely like this.
  5. WOW. This stuff is great! *.*

I hope this review was helpful! Thanks for reading! o(^_^)o

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