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April Empties!!

This April, I managed to get through some sheet masks, some of my samples and a few skincare/makeup products. It was a decent month! I usually forget about my samples, so I was pretty proud of myself for working them into my routines.

For this Empties post, I’ll do a quick blurb for each product and then let you know whether I’d repurchase or not.

As usual, I’ll start with the sheet masks:

These days, I get all my sheet masks through my Mask Maven subscription via Beauteque. I enjoy it because I don’t have to shop around for masks and I usually enjoy all the masks they send. I get to try masks that I would never order on my own and sometimes they send me old favorites!

  • Tsaio Super Firming Mask: I remember liking this one and thinking, “wow, this really did firm my skin up!” the morning after using it. I would buy it again! It was a clear essence type and it came with a plastic backing to support it because it’s suuuuuper thin.
  • Nohj Superfood Broccoli Mask: This mask was way better than the other Nohj mask I’ve tried. The material was fine, but still didn’t cling to my face the way I’d like it to. I have a Daiso silicone mask that I slapped over it, though. It was alright. I don’t think I’d repurchase this one. It was a clear-essence type.
  • Skinfood Beauty in a Food Mask Sheet – Ginseng: I thought this mask was okay. I’ve had better Ginseng masks. It was hydrating, but not as much as other sheet masks, and the material wasn’t as nice as other sheet masks. I much prefer the Ginseng masks by Etude House and Esfolio. I wouldn’t repurchase this.

  • AngelLooka Collagen Facial Mask: I remember this was very hydrating, and I was super impressed with it! I really liked it and I think I’d get this again if I need a hydrating boost in my routine. It was a clear-essence type.
  • Missha Almond Milk Sheet Mask: I really liked this one, too, I’d totally repurchase! It was moisturizing and soothing – and it was my favorite kind, a milky essence type.
  • PureDerm Choco Cacao Collagen Mask: This was a good hydrating mask, but I don’t think I’d repurchase. It was fun because it really did smell like the cocoa powder that I use for baking, so if you like masks that smell yummy this might be up your alley. I just think it wasn’t as impressive as the others. It’s a more average one in terms of performance. It was a clear-essence type.

  • It’s Skin AC Serum: These were okay! I felt like they weren’t spectacular and I couldn’t tell if they made a difference on the days that I used them. I wouldn’t purchase the full size.
  • Missha Super Aqua Ultra Waterful Cream: This was a gel type cream that felt light and non-greasy, so if that’s what you’re looking for you might be interested. It’s got a heavier fragrance (typical of Missha) so watch out for that if you’re not a fragrance person. I wouldn’t buy this because I like heavier moisturizers.
  • CosRX PHA Moisture Renewal Power Cream: This stuff was like MAGIC and I can’t wait to get the full-size product. I wish they sold it in tubes though, I don’t like jars. It’s so good that I’d make an exception, though. It feels like a gel but it’s VERY moisturizing and it still manages to not feel heavy on the skin at ALL. I’m super impressed! Plus, it also soothed my skin and I woke up to a clearer, even-toned face in the mornings when I used this! It didn’t really have a scent to it.

  • V10 Plus Vitamin A Serum: I think these serums from V10 are meh. I don’t know why they’re so expensive. They’re from Japan and I got this from my 3b Box subscription. Apparently full-sized bottles are $98 a bottle and I say heeeeell no. They were hydrating but not miracle-workers. And for that price? They better work some magic to make me fork over that much. There’s greener grass in AB than this.
  • Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream: This stuff was just as amazing as people say it is! The color fit my currently NC15-20 skin pretty well and the coverage was medium to high medium, approaching full-coverage with one layer. I would definitely buy the full size of this. It had a great glowy finish that wasn’t over the top and lasted a full day with setting powder.
  • TonyMoly Panda’s Dream White Hand Cream: This was pretty good! It’s very emollient and it makes my hands feel slightly greasy for a couple minutes, but it does its job and keeps my hands moisturized. Not sure if I’ll pick up the full-size, because I have tons of hand creams right now, but if there’s ever a sale I’ll consider it.
  • Etude House Face Blur: I actually bought the full-size of this after using this packet and I’ve been using it for quite some time now. I just kept forgetting to put this used sample in my empties for the past few months. I do enjoy the full-size product for adding some glow and I think it does extend the wear of my foundation a bit, but it doesn’t work for all my foundations. I did a review on my Instagram a while back for this as well.

  • Wei Rapid Glow Liquid Milk: I did a full review on this product already. I haven’t purchased full-size because it’s so expensive, but I did really, really enjoy it and if it were cheaper I would totally buy this.
  • Re-turn MadeCera Cream: This was a good, moisturizing cream and I think I’d consider purchasing it but I feel like the CosRX cream mentioned above still beats this in terms of results. This was good, though, I enjoyed the tiny, tiny tube while it lasted.
  • Etude House True Relief Moist Cream: I’ve actually purchased the full-size of this cream and it’s because of this sample! When I found out the full-size was a gigantic tube of it, I was instantly interested. I love tube creams!! This has no scent, is emollient and moisturizing, and does its job well without feeling too heavy. It’s a good deal for the amount they give you.

  • Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray: This stuff was really good at making my makeup last all day!! I just won’t repurchase because of the price. This was just a cheaper sample size of it. I’m on a student budget, which means I stick to drugstore and affordable AB.
  • NYX Micro Brow Pencil: This was a good pencil for filling in my brows and outlining the shape easily. I liked how natural my brows looked even if I really outlined the shape. I would definitely repurchase this.


Lipstick Destashing
  • Bebe Poshe Lippies: These were moisturizing but I really couldn’t finish them because I kept falling in love with other products that were more pigmented and lasted longer. These are nice though, the packaging was cute. I had to keep reapplying them during the day though, more often than other lippies.
  • NYX Butter Lipstick: This was moisturizing but pretty sheer (compared to other nude lippies I have) and short-lasting. I just don’t think I’ll ever use this when I have others that are better.
  • NYX Butter Gloss: This was nice, not too sticky, but I left it on my desk in the direct sun for days and something happened to it. Not good! Throwing it out.
  • Wet N Wild lippie: This smelled weird but the color was nice and it lasted a decent amount of time to consider keeping it. I just had this for way too long and I have to destash it.
  • BareMinerals Moxie Lipstick sample: I LOVE bareminerals lippies – they are so pigmented and feel AMAZING on the lips, but this is literally the THIRD TIME that a bare minerals lipstick has broken on me. They all break the same way. They are soooo soft that any amount of warm weather will make them so soft that they end up kinking or bending/breaking inside the tube and then they constantly scrape against the sides and make a mess. I HATE IT. The product is SO GOOD on my lips but even my full size tube did this. MAKE IT STOP BAREMINERALS!!! FIX THIS!! I would love to buy all their lipsticks because they’re SO good, but this is such a deal breaker! I can’t be buying all their lipsticks if they’re all going to end like this. /endrant

  • CeraVe Eye Repair Cream: This was okay. It really didn’t impress me and it didn’t seem to make a difference with my under-eyes. I wouldn’t buy this again.
  • Etude House True Relief Moist Emulsion: This was a very good unscented, no-frills emulsion for those who have sensitive skin. I have the Honey Cera version that I like better (personally) so I won’t purchase the full size.

  • Benton Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream: I would totally buy this again, but it’s a little pricey compared to other ones so I’m holding off. It’s very emollient and moisturizing, so if you’re looking for a heavier moisturizer that will sink in well and doesn’t have much of a fragrance, this is good stuff. I also felt like this was soothing to my skin and it evened out my skin tone. I felt like I didn’t need to use this with the essence in this line though. This is a good standalone product.
  • CosRX Honey Ceramide Full Moisture Cream: This was veeeeery moisturizing. Like, I didn’t even need a sleeping pack on top of this. This feels/looks like a gel but acts like a heavy moisturizer. This is for all of y’all with super dry skin, so it’s good stuff for the Winter too! I used every last bit of it and I definitely made an effort to use that up before Spring hit. Success! My skin always looks moisturized when I woke up after this. I would buy this again for next Winter.

I’m already collecting items for my next empties, yay! Hope these quick reviews helped, comment below if you have any other questions or just feel like chatting! ❤

One thought on “April Empties!!

  1. I’m not sure why, but your posts aren’t showing up on my feed! I just unfollowed you and re-followed you to see if that resolves it.

    I have a PureDerm mask that I got for free I think. I’ll have to dig it out to try.
    Oooh now you got me curious about the CosRX PHA Moisture Renewal Power Cream.

    I have a couple of sample pouches of that Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream – can’t wait to try it. There’s so much rave reviews about it!

    That’s too bad about the BareMinerals lipsticks breaking like that! I’m in the midst of destashing a LOT of my lippies. I really need to just focus on maybe 10 lipsticks in my life and that’s it. Let’s see if I can manage to whittle it down to 10!

    Awesome job on the empties. I always like to read the short reviews, especially when you find gems from samples – so good that you’d pay money for the full size. 🙂

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