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May Empties!!

Hey everyone! My semester is finally over and I have recovered enough to start blogging again! I’ll start with my empties for May!!

I’ll give you a blurb about each and let you know whether I’d repurchase it or not. I have some skincare, makeup and body stuff!

This May I didn’t end up using as many sheet masks as usual, but I’ll catch up in June, haha!

  • Donkey Milk Skin Gel Mask Pack: This was a gift from a friend and I absolutely loved it! It’s milky essence (my favorite kind), and it was super moisturizing and I woke up with extra clear, plump skin. That’s what I like to see! I’d buy this again.
  • Coconut Ultra Hydrating Essence Mask: I got this as a sample from a Jolse order, I believe. This was hydrating, but average. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad – I enjoyed it – just not something I’d go out of my way to find again!
  • YET Don’t Worry Mask Sheet – Bee My Love/Shimmering: This one I got from my Mask Maven from Beauteque. It was supposed to “leave my skin soft and glowing” and “clean & clear blemishes and impurities”. I thought it was hydrating enough, but I felt like it wasn’t life changing. I try so many masks that it’s gotta really blow my socks off to get me to repurchase outside of that Beauteque subscription! It’s a good mask, though.

  •  Apieu x Rilakkuma All Clean Lip & Eye Remover: I loved this!! And not just because this limited edition packaging is so adorable – it took off my most extreme waterproof eye makeup with ease and it didn’t irritate my eyes. I’d buy this again!
  • Mizon Snail Recovery Gel: This is a millionth repurchase – I’d buy this again, it’s an old staple of mine! I find that it’s the most useful to apply as the last step in my morning routine before my sunscreen. It seems to lock everything in and provide a great base for my makeup. Plus, it’s so cheap! You can get 2 for $10 on Amazon, actually. Otherwise Jolse is my other go-to for this.
  • Evas Vitamin Hand: This hand cream is an old favorite and one of the many back-ups I brought back from Taiwan. It is moisturizing, absorbs quickly and only has a light, subtle scent. I don’t like scents that are too strong on my hands because I have delicate clay teaware that I’m around at home and I can’t contaminate them with strong smells!! This stuff is great. I have one more tube left… and then no more… T_T
  • CosRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner: To be honest, I’m not siding with the mainstream opinion on this one. I usually like CosRX products, but I really didn’t see what all the hype was about with this. It did nothing for me, personally. I might as well have been spraying water on my face. I found the Pixi Glow Tonic to be much more effective than this one. Plus, besides it not being effective, I hate spray-bottle toners. I use cotton rounds with my toners and I hate having to spray up a huge cloud just to soak my cotton round. I prefer the shake-bottles for toners. I ended up only using this one for when I get out of the shower (if I even remembered to use it), so it took me forever to use up. Meh. The packaging was bad, the product not good – will not repurchase.

  • EOS Shave Cream Vanilla Bliss: I loved this stuff! When I use it to shave, I never get razor burn and my legs are always moisturized. I hate having those dry flakes form after shaving and this always prevents that, even in Winter. I’d buy this again! I love Vanilla, too.
  • Trader Joe’s Spray Sunscreen: This is my HOLY GRAIL sunscreen for my body, guys. It is hands-down the best I’ve ever come across. It sprays evenly, it is NOT WHITE, you DON’T have to rub it in, and it’s effective, too! It’s a fine spray/mist that is so easy to apply. I never need to ask my SO to get my back when I have this around. It does have a sunscreen smell, but not as bad as the Coppertone sunscreens that I grew up on. Love this thing! I always stock up on several whenever we go to Trader Joe’s. And it’s broad-spectrum, guys! AND it’s affordable! God, I love this stuff.

  • Terra Naturi Kompaktpuder: I’m finally retiring this powder! It’s one of my favorites that I brought back from a trip to Germany a loooooong time ago. I also hit pan quite a while ago but I kept trying to dig my powder brush into the crevices, lol. I’m giving up now! “Let it gooooo” comes to mind.  I have other powders I need to hit pan on, anyway. This is great for setting any of my foundations and adds coverage. It never looks cakey – would buy again if I could! Sadly, it’s not sold in America as far as I know.
  • Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara: This stuff is ah-mazing. It gives me va-va-voom volume and length, and I ALWAYS get at least one person asking if I am wearing falsies when I use this. I need to buy another one, stat.
  • Jordana Best Lash Extreme Mascara: This doesn’t do as incredible of a job as the Heroine Make, but it’s extremely cheap and does give me great volume and length. The only downside is that it gets crumbly as the day goes on and I get fallout around my eyes. I fix that by using a primer (the Wet N Wild one) and now I don’t have any issues at all with it! It’s my everyday go-to now with the primer, and I’ve already purchased a second tube! o(^_^)o
  • Jordana Easyliner in Coffee Bean: This is a great, very cheap twist-up liner that I use for tightlining and my upper lid when I don’t want to think about my liner. Otherwise, I like to use the Holika Holika Jewel-light ones, but I buy this one occasionally when I run out of the Holika Holika and don’t have any back-ups. This one is a great option for those on a tight budget, they work! I’d buy again as needed.
  • Holika Holika Jewel-Light Waterproof Liner: This is a pencil that needs to be sharpened. It’s very soft, smudgeable and I find that it doesn’t budge or move around on my eyes when I use it. I love to use this for tightlining! It’s affordable and lasts me a good while before I have to repurchase. Get yourself a good sharpener, though! It helps! I repurchase this one all the time. It’s my HG eye pencil! I have it in Brown Amber, Gold, and Pink Topaz. I’ll get other shades eventually, too!

That’s it for May, stay tuned for my June Empties! o(^_^)o Hope this was helpful for someone out there! Leave a comment below if you’ve tried any of these or if you have any product recommendations! ❤

7 thoughts on “May Empties!!

  1. Yay on your semester being OVER! Question: when you’re in school, do you have a mixture of theory and practical? What is the blend?

    I’ve heard a lot about the Donkey Milk brand – the name makes me chuckle. XD I shall have to seek out a mask from them!
    I think it’s time for me to repurchase the Mizon Snail Recovery Gel. For me, it’s not HG but it’s a nice item to have around whenever my skin acted up. It’s so calming.
    Good to know the CosRX toner isn’t the end all be all. I got the Pixi Glow to try out – fingers crossed!
    You know what, you showing the EOS Shave Cream in Vanilla Bliss reminds me that I bought that AGES ago and have yet to use it. I rarely shave my legs (I have no leg hairs, sorry!) but I like the feeling of how smooth / exfoliated my legs feel when I shave them like… once every 6 months! XD
    I’m going to ask my friend to pick me up a can of that Trader Joe’s sunscreen the next time he’s in the US. It’s not greasy?

    I’m about to bust open the cult mascara that is Jordana Best Lash Extreme Mascara. I hope I have a good experience with it! Have you ever used the Etude House mascara primer? It’s my HG – I’ve gone through so many tubes of it:

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    1. I agree, the whole Mizon snail line is one of my favorites for soothing and moisturizing my skin!

      I hope you like the glow tonic! Another good one is the Mizon Aha/Bha toner – I just started using it but I like it so far. I still think the Pixi toner has something special about it though ❤️ I wish it were cheaper!

      That’s also why I just finished that EOS shaving cream lol!! I didn’t really shave all winter so now that it’s warmer out I’m finally using it all up, haha!

      I think I’ve had greasier sunscreens than Trader Joe’s – it applies slightly tacky but once it absorbs I don’t find it unpleasant.

      I’ve never tried the Etude house last primer, but next time I order from JOLSE I’ll definitely get it! It’s been on my wishlist ever since you posted about it awhile back 😂 I just bought the Wet N Wild one in the meantime to cope. Haha. It’s actually been useful though, thank goodness! I don’t think it makes it waterproof or anything but it definitely helps stop any crumbling from happening!

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      1. I’ll have to look into that Mizon Toner. Is Mizon a Korean or a Japanese brand?
        I’ve not seen the mascara primer from Wet n Wild here but I’m curious about it too! You know me, even though I love the Etude House one, I am still curious to try new things…

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      2. Hmm I’m pretty sure it’s a Korean brand! I think they started out mostly focused on overseas sales but then they started showing up in Korean drugstores from what I’ve heard.

        What’s your favorite mascara right now, by the way?


    2. Ah I forgot your other question! Thanks for asking about nursing school!
      We have a blend of theory and practical. Depending on the semester we have either one or two clinicals along with regular classes. We have to fight to sign up for the clinical locations that we want every time we register, haha! It’s interesting.
      Clinical is the most challenging thing I’ve ever done with my life. My last degree (Nutritional Sciences) was nothing compared to this. The pressure of having to take care of real, critically ill patients and having an instructor judge your performance is so emotionally and mentally taxing. I’ve heard of classmates throwing up on the way to clinical, because of the pressure. I definitely had zero appetite the day of clinicals!
      A lot of Bachelors programs in the US just have students observe nursing staff instead of actually caring for patients – Associate’s programs like mine tend to have real patient care experience it seems.
      I wonder whether it’s similar in Canada!! I think about our Canadian counterparts a lot! Hope I can work there someday 🙂

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      1. I love schooling that provides practical, hands-on training. I think so many degrees these days are too heavy on the theory side. I mean, when you ask people who are working now, how much of what they learned in school is actually used day to day… not very much!
        I’m not TOO familiar with the nursing programs here but there is a trend for all undergraduate degrees to have mandatory relevant co-ops hours. I know that teachers must have in class hours. It makes a lot of sense! I’d want people who are confident and familiar with the environment as soon as possible.

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