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[Review] Etude House Play Color Eyes Juice Bar Palette

I decided to buy this one after having enjoyed their “In the Cafe” palette, and also when I started lusting after more peachy colors because of the whole Too Faced Peach Palette craze. This Juice Bar palette seemed promising in terms of peachy payoff!

I bought it from Jolse – it’s currently listed on Jolse right now as $19.53 (prices can fluctuate slightly on Jolse).
The palette is structurally identical to the Play Color Eyes In the Cafe palette that I have, with the only differences being the color/design on the front and the shades inside. It’s the same size/shape and feels exactly the same! It feels sturdy and doesn’t swing open once it’s shut.

Here’s the packaging for this palette:

The back is mostly in Korean, and if the ingredients are there, they must be part of the Korean text. Otherwise, click HERE for a list of ingredients in this palette!

And the palette itself:

They put a removable plastic cover on it with the names of the shades (in Korean):

Love the adorable citrus decoration on it!

Here’s the palette in different lighting:


Some swatches – this first one shows all the colors, then I have three close-ups following it with all the shade names listed (in English):


There’s 10 shades total in this palette:

We’ve got 5 pinky/peachy shades to work with. There are 3 crease/defining shades, 1 highlight-type shade and 1 glitter-type (that does better as a wash over other colors). The In the Cafe palette also had a “glitter-wash” type shade in it as well.

Here are the first four shades:

Shade names from top to bottom: Bubble Bath, New Recipe, Kissing Gourami, Fever Orange

Down to the middle two of the palette:

Shade names from top to bottom: Fever Orange, Orange Bianco, Muscle Mania, Orange Peel, Soft Peach

And the last four:

Shade names from top to bottom: Fever Orange, Orange Bianco, Muscle Mania, Orange Peel, Soft Peach, Grape Fruit Tart, Raw Cacao

Most of the shades in this palette had good payoff – the shades I had trouble building up were Soft Peach, Muscle Mania, & Bubble Bath. Muscle Mania is the gold wash shade, though, so I wasn’t expecting that to build up very well. It looks pretty when put over other matte shades or to add extra glitter to a shimmery shade. I think Bubble Bath was the hardest to build up, actually, since it was such a light shade to begin with! Because of this, I mostly use it as my brow highlight shade. I use Soft Peach in my inner corners sometimes, but I think that’s the shade I use the least.

Otherwise, I’m pretty happy with the colors! The shades (other than the ones mentioned above) don’t kick up much dust and blend pretty easily. Fever Orange is my favorite of course, but I also really like Grape Fruit Tart, Orange Peel, Orange Bianco, Kissing Gourami, Raw Cacao… they all combine so well to make any look wearable but summery! The color selection is so good that I can pick up this palette without having to worry about being creative or wondering what combination to choose that won’t look weird. I can probably pick shades with my eyes closed and it would turn out pretty!

I would rate this one a 4/6 for having such a good color selection, but having a couple shades that don’t build up well. I took off another point for it being a bit more pricey than drugstore palettes should be, but I still have to give it credit for being such cute packaging compared to American drugstore packaging. I do still reach for this palette more than my Western drugstore palettes, especially when I travel (it’s so sturdy and compact!), so I do not regret this purchase at all! I really like it, but I do think they should have priced it down a bit. After all, a large BH Cosmetics palette with 28 quality shades still cost me less than this one! Take note, Etude House! 😉

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 13.20.16

Hope this review helped! Leave a comment below! ❤

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