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June Makeup Favorites!

It’s officially Summer and it’s time for me to do a Summer round-up of all my favorite products this season! o(^_^)o

Warning: This post is lengthy!!!

I’ll start off with makeup products in “the order of operations”, aka, the order I put them on my face. I’ve chosen a standout product (or two) for each major category of my makeup routine.

I’ll be making a completely separate June Favorites post for my favorite Skincare items this month, because this post was turning into a book!

Note: I currently have normal-type skin and am roughly NC20 (yellow undertones).


Rilakkuma X A’Pieu AirFit XP Cushion in 21, The Saem Cover Perfection Concealer Foundation in 1.5

The only cushion foundation that I own that doesn’t melt off my face half-way through the summer days is the A’pieu Airfit XP Cushion. I have it in the limited-edition Rilakkuma case and it’s in the shade 21. I die for cute packaging, Rilakkuma is my favorite Sanrio character, and this cushion gives me a nice glow, medium coverage and lasts me most of my day despite the humidity. It also leans yellow, so it’s perfect for me.

The foundation I’m leaning on this summer is The Saem Cover Perfection Concealer Foundation in shade 1.5. It matches me very well right now, gives me full coverage, and also lasts me most of my day this Summer if I set it with powder. In the Winter this stuff doesn’t budge until I go to bed pretty much, but the Summer humidity does get to this foundation by the end of the day. Still, it lasts me most of my day so… I can’t complain! Here is a feature that I really appreciate about the packaging:

The wand always picks up the EXACT amount of product for each section of my face, so I don’t end up with too much or too little when I yank it out. The hole you see there scrapes against the sides of the wand as you pull it out. Just like those mascara tubes! ^^

I will say one thing: on me, the cover perfection foundation seems to blend better with my sponge than my brush. Just a tip!


My favorite YouTuber, Thataylaa, likes to mix her foundations a lot – so, I finally decided to give it a try myself. The Mizon Snail Repair Blemish Balm is just a touch too light for me this Summer (it’s a great match for NC15), and this L’oreal True Match Lumi in shade W1-2 oxidizes too much and makes me look weird, so I have been successfully mixing the two and using them up that way. Success!!! They blend well together and somehow the combination seems to make them last longer than they do individually. I’ve been using a flat-top brush with these.


I had to choose two products for this category because they do different things for me. The Maybelline Age Rewind is something I could wear without any foundation probably, because it blends so seamlessly into my skin. It has good coverage, but not full coverage like the The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer over here. The Saem’s concealer is when I want a more full coverage look – or when I just really, really look terrible. Lol. Also, you can probably tell in the picture, but The Saem’s concealer is more yellow-toned and the Maybelline one is more pink toned. They both work for me under the eyes, but The Saem is something I can use on my face too, since I have yellow-toned skin. I’ve been using my fingers to blend out both of these.


I got the A’pieu Moisty Creamy Concealer in Frozen quite a long time ago, but I stopped using it because it’s actually more for someone around NC10 – it’s very light in color. I’ve been trying to use it up as a highlight recently and it blends very nicely on top of my foundation! The Jordana Sculpt N Go Creamy Contour Stick in 01 Light has been my go-to cream contour product that I always use along with the A’pieu Moist Creamy Concealer. I usually use these two products when I apply a foundation with my sponge, because then I just go over both of these with the same sponge – so convenient! The result is beautiful. The Jordana Contour Stick in 01 Light is a neutral shade that is GREAT for contouring on fair skin – not too cool-toned and not too warm-toned. Just right!


The TonyMoly Cats Wink powder (I have it in shade 01) is something I always pull out more often during the Summer to set my makeup and touch up throughout the day. It’s so adorable and the case is very sturdy. The powder is buttery-soft and finely milled and always sets my foundation very well.


I included two products here because I use these for different reasons! The ELF Makeup Mist & Set is something I use when I just want to set my makeup to get rid of that “powdery” look, but I’m not too worried about longevity. The Wet N Wild PhotoFocus spray is something I use when I actually want more wear time (and a nice glow). The ELF Mist is a dupe for the MAC Fix Plus, I heard. I think the ELF one has a finer mist, but both mists are fine enough for my taste. I just hate it when you get a setting spray and it sprays out chunks of it onto your face… Ugh!! These don’t do that.


The Etude House Drawing Eye Brow  (this one is in grey-brown) is a long-time favorite of mine. I was using the Milani brow pencil lately, but when I ran out of the last one I was inspired to order this one again. Now I think I like it more than Milani, because it’s easier to control how pigmented my brows get. Sorry, Milani… we had a good run.

I use the NYX Brow Mascara in brown to tint my brows a bit lighter (they’re pretty much black) and to hold their shape better. This one is a pretty good brow mascara, but my favorite is still the PeriPera Choco Brow Mascara, because of its formula and bristles. I’ve tried the Etude House brow mascara and it’s pretty good, too, but the brush isn’t as nice as PeriPera.


Etude House Play Color Eyes In The Cafe palette & Etude House Play Color Eyes Juice Bar Palette

I am so incredibly glad I got these two palettes. They are so compact, sturdy, *CUTE*, and the color selection is BOMB for both of these, IMO. The Cafe palette is the perfect nudes, neutral palette and the Juice palette is the perfect spring/summery palette for me. With both of these, I could blindly pick random colors from the palette and it would look amazing on my eyes! There are a couple shades in both that swatch on the sheer side, but that’s something I hear is favorable in the Korean eyeshadow scene – so far I’ve seen a couple sheer shades in every K-palette I’ve swatched, so… confirmation bias? Anyone else know whether that’s true? In any case, both of these palettes also have a “glitter-topper” type shade that is a sheer wash of glitter, so you can layer it on top of other shades if you are feelin’ a little extra that day. I’ve used them a few times myself and it does look pretty!

One thing I will say is that if you’re not the “natural, everyday” kind of makeup person, then these might not satisfy your cravings for bold colors. These palettes definitely seem more for those who want a variety of colors for everyday wear, or workplace-appropriate color combinations. For me, that’s perfect! ❤


Holika Holika Jewel-Light Waterproof Eyeliner pencils, in Pink Topaz, 14k Gold, & Brown Amber

I’ve already repurchased the Brown Amber pencil here twice – I use these a lot, and pretty much with every eye look. They are long-wearing, very soft & smudgeable, apply very easily and don’t budge throughout the day on my lid OR my tightline. They are not twist-up – you have to sharpen them, so make sure you have a good sharpener (aka not the ones for regular pencils lol, made that mistake once). Also, they are CHEAP! These are my go-to and I can’t see myself trying anything else in the near future.


Jordana Cat Eye Liner & Palgantong Real Impact Liner

I’ve had the Palgantong Real Impact Liner (in brown) for a long, long time… and… I probably should throw it out, but TBH I have no idea where the heck I would buy this again if I did throw it out. And… it’s too good to not have on hand! This is VERY budge-proof. It’s a traditional brush-style applicator, so it can be more challenging to apply than those felt-tip ones, but if that’s not an issue then this liner is oh-mazing. Lasts. All. Day. The Jordana Cat Eye Liner is something I picked up because it was incredibly cheap and I wanted to find out if it was any good. The answer is yes! Not as budge-proof as the PGT, but pretty decent for the price. I use the Jordana most days and if I really want to get serious, I whip out the PGT.


L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara

This is my latest TREASURE!!!! This is GOLD, guys! I haven’t had a mascara as good as this one since I ran out of the Heroine Make mascara. Yes, I said it. This one gives my lashes some serious volume & length guys, enough to rival my precious Heroine Make. It seems to add volume while still lifting and separating my lashes and giving them extra length, and I can layer it without clumping. It dries pretty quickly, but doesn’t crumble. Here’s the brush:


To top it all off, even though I don’t think this claims to be waterproof, I have definitely cried with this on and it has definitely NOT come off my lashes during said cry. Yet, this is still easy to remove – it even comes off with my makeup wipes. This doesn’t budge all day, it doesn’t smudge – it’s a miracle in my book. I can’t believe the drugstore came out with such a good mascara for just $8 USD!! Jeez! When I heard this was a dupe for the Too Faced Better Than Sex, it convinced me to give it a try, but it still didn’t prepare me for the incredible results. If you haven’t given this one a shot yet, DO IT – and leave me a comment below letting me know how it goes! Because L’Oreal – lord help me if you ever get rid of this product. New, instant Holy Grail Mascara. Doesn’t happen often.


Etude House Dear Darling Oil Tint

I got this Etude House Dear Darling Oil Tint in Grapefruit. It’s an orange-red that you can very easily sheer out or build up for a huge pop of color. I like the wand set-up:


It has a narrow hole with a hollow area around it to catch extra product. Like a mascara tube (and like The Saem’s foundation up above), the narrow hole scrapes extra product off the sides so you don’t get too much on the doe foot applicator. Lovely!

This tint lasts a long time despite eating and drinking. It dries down fairly quickly, doesn’t dry out my lips (feels moisturizing), and is very pigmented! I really want to order more shades, but I can’t justify it in my budget yet because this one is so versatile. I can’t argue that it’s not an everyday lippie because I can sheer it out very easily so… I ran out of excuses, lol.


Etude House MiniMe Ms. Cutie Perfumed Mist

This is the first time I’ve mentioned a perfume/scent product on my blog, but I had to bring this up because:
a) This is actually an AB product, and
b) It’s really good at improving the gross, sweaty Summer smells.

I love that this is both a body spray and a hair spray in one. It’s scented enough that it gives you a nice splash of vanilla-lemon smell (I like to spray around my armpits lol), but this is a light enough scent that I can also spray a bit around my hair too. I’ve tried other scented hair mists before and they are usually WAY too concentrated and I end up crop-dusting my hair perfume everywhere with every turn of my head. I can spray this stuff several times over my hair or on my body and not have to worry, because it’s not that intense – it’s what I would call the perfect amount of scent for a body/hair spray. Not too light, not too strong. Yay! Plus I love the combination of vanilla and lemon. Not sure if that’s what they were going for, but that’s what it smells like! This is actually a good-sized bottle of it, too. And can we talk about how adorable it is??

❤ That’s it, folks! Hope this was fun and helpful at the same time! Leave me a comment below, or follow me on Instagram for more pictures! Thanks for stopping by! ❤

6 thoughts on “June Makeup Favorites!

  1. The Saem Cover Perfection Concealer Foundation and Cover Perfection Tip Concealer look really good. I haven’t tried anything from the brand Saem yet.
    Mixing foundations is my favourite thing to do! I did a whole blog post about it a while back, haha. Sometimes the weirdest combinations turn out so well.
    I swear I have that TonyMoly Cats Wink powder somewhere. My friend got it for me… will need to dig it out.
    I’ve never heard or laid eyes on that L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara… is it really new? I need to seek it out immediately!
    Ahh that Etude House MiniMe Ms. Cutie Perfumed Mist bottle is freaking adorable! The smell of vanilla and lemon sound divine – I love that combination too. Now I need to hunt this down – where did you get it from?
    Reading your post always adds more stuff to my wish list! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Teehee!! 🙈🙊

      I got the etude house mist at a road shop while I was in Taiwan, unfortunately 😩

      I found my L’Oreal mascara at my local Walgreens! Some people online have commented that it’s hard to find because it’s sold out in many places but my Walgreen’s is not in a busy part of town so there were several!

      Also Edward Avila just posted a review of the Saem foundation on his YouTube channel, check it out!! I usually use more product than he does but he basically got the same results as me. Except I have normal skin and he seems to have oily so it lasts a bit longer on me.

      What’s your favorite foundation combo so far?!? And what’s the most surprising that you’ve found?


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