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[Review] Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant

Once and a while I’ll go and review something that’s not AB on this blog. Mostly because I don’t live in East Asia anymore and do end up using some Western products, and as a blogger, I still want to talk about them! 😆

I picked this up at Urban Outfitter’s for $10 USD. It claims to have an Award Winning Formula and promotes one of those “all-natural” auras by not using any aluminum, etc. etc. Those claims alone usually don’t convince me to buy something (I’ve been through an all-natural phase before), but I do like that this doesn’t have any aluminum in it.

I’ve been using this for about a month now.

It’s a bonus that this has my two favorite scents in it!!

It’s a traditional-type stick with the cap, and then the dial at the bottom that you twist to push the product up. The tube is super sturdy and so is the cap – it doesn’t fall off like some stick caps do.

Here is the backside with the ingredients:


I really like the ingredient list, except that they don’t give any specifics about the fragrance… “natural fragrance” as an ingredient doesn’t inspire a ton of confidence, as it forces me to believe what they tell me, instead of just putting “rosehip extract” or “vanilla extract”. Ah, well.

Here’s the product inside:


The instructions say to press the stick against your skin for a moment before smudging it everywhere so that your body heat warms the product up a little bit first (I assume this is because of the coconut oil in there, among other things). So, that’s what I do, and it seems to work! I was pretty surprised at first because I thought it would come off all crumbly by the looks of it but it really does just melt into your skin if you follow the instructions.


It was kind of hard to swatch this as it doesn’t have much color to it, but this is what it looks like as you rub it onto your armpit. It just melts right in as you rub!

My overall opinion is that I really like this and I would probably buy this again! However, I am still really curious about that Lavanila deodorant that you can get at Sephora… we shall see whether I buy that next or just repurchase this one. I have to say, I absolutely LOVE the scent this deodorant has, and the thing is, it lasts all day on me, it’s spectacular in that sense (if you like rose + vanilla, anyway). So I’d say that the claim that this “neutralizes odor” is very true, at least on my body. I do find that my armpits stay pretty dry (although I do still sweat a little, it is summer and hard to contain haha).

My grade for this deodorant is a 5/6 – I really, really like it but I’m on the fence as to whether there’s something even better out there! I like the more natural ingredients, the lack of aluminum (I don’t want an antiperspirant, just a deodorant, thank you!), it applies fairly well, and the scent of rose and vanilla is heavenly.

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 13.20.16

Thanks for reading and I hope this helped! Let me know in the comments what your experience with this product is or whether you think you’ve found a possible HG deodorant!!

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