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[Review] Rivecowe Bubble Mask Pack

I also reviewed this quickly on my Instagram if you want a more succinct version, but if you’re up for more pictures and more commentary, you’ve come to the right place!

Here’s the product we’re talking about:

The ingredients and directions:

HERE is the link to the ingredients in CosDNA if you’re curious! 🙂

As I took it out of the bag, the bubbles already started forming. It happened so quickly that I had a hard time finding the little folds to open the mask up!!

Here are some pictures of the bubbles forming on my face over the next 4-5 minutes:

(I had to blow a few bubbles away from my nose there)

I felt like I was starting to look like a cloud by the end! XD

The bubbles popping against my skin underneath the mask was interesting. It felt like I’d dunked my face in a bowl of fizzy soda. I kind of liked it, and I’m glad it didn’t sting or irritate my skin. I also think it was strangely hydrating and didn’t make my skin feel dry or tight – it left my face with a kind of tacky feel afterward, like a serum/essence/ampoule gives you sometimes.

Here’s my face after I peeled it off:

After I took it off, I wasn’t quite sure whether I was supposed to rub the rest of the bubbles in or wash the stuff off my face, and since it says “deep cleansing” on the packet, I went with washing it off. Turns out that’s the right thing to do, according to Jolse’s information on it! I also tested the pH for this while it was on my face and it had a pH of roughly 5:

On Jolse, the review also mentions that this mask is supposed to be able to cleanse makeup off, but that they found it doesn’t cleanse much except light makeup. Personally, I’d only recommend using this after you’ve already cleansed your face… I just can’t see how it would take makeup off. Plus, I’m someone who likes to oil cleanse first anyway!

I’d rate this as a 3/6.

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 13.20.16

Overall, I really don’t think I’d buy this again because it’s just not for me. I think it was nice and it was kind of relaxing, but I think I’d rather just use a nice cleansing foam like the one from Hada Labo. Plus, this is also pretty pricey for a mask. I’m a cheapskate about my mask-buying and only buy them on sale – I even hate to shell out more than $1 USD for a sheet mask… But, if this is something you’d be interested in, you can find it on – as of today, it’s listed at $7.18 per mask. I got this from for free for review, and all my opinions stated above are my own! 🙂

Hope this review helped! 🙂 Leave me a comment below!! 😀

3 thoughts on “[Review] Rivecowe Bubble Mask Pack

  1. So crazy how it bubbled up! I guess it interacts with the air?
    I wouldn’t trust a mask to clean off my makeup – that’s weird.
    I’m still curious about a bubbling mask though… I want my face to be swallowed up in a cloud of bubbles! 😆

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha at one point I was really getting worried about not being able to breathe through my nose but then I realized that I can probably still open my mouth. 😂 I’m so used to keeping my mouth shut while wearing masks!!


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