AB Foundation Swatches!

Hey everyone! I was getting the itch to go shop at Sephora, so to curb that urge I grabbed my drawer of foundations and started swatching to remind myself of all the makeup I should get to using up before purchasing more 🙈

Also, just for reference, I tend to be around NC15-20 depending on the season. Right now I’m somewhere in between. ^^

The white balance might not be perfect because I don’t use a professional camera and this was using indoor lighting, but I think seeing the comparison between all of them helps cancel out the imperfect lighting.

I’ll start off with the “control” group – three fairly common drugstore foundations that you can find in the U.S. to help create a baseline to compare the others to:


The Wet N Wild Coverall foundation in 815 fair matches me really well, so that’s a great way to see if the others are a good match in comparison. The Maybelline Dream Wonder is fine for me too but pulls slightly too pink after drying down. The L’Oreal is also slightly too pink for my skin. (I’m yellow-toned).


When I’m closer to NC15 I can use the Mizon BB and it’s a great match! You can check out my old review on this one as well! The Missha Perfect Cover would match NC15 really well, too, but I still prefer the Mizon because it’s more neutral and the Missha is slightly pink. The Etude House Precious Mineral BB looks fine on me too, because it leans more neutral/yellow than the Missha.


The Saem’s Cover Perfection Concealer Foundation fits me really well when I lean closer to NC20, and it’s more neutral in tone so that’s great! The Za works okay for me as long as I don’t build it up – it’s light coverage with one layer so that’s usually all I do and it works out fine. The Holika Holika Waterdrop Tinted Foundation matches me when I’m closer to NC15 and it’s yellow-toned.


The Skin79 BB Pink matches me better when I’m closer to NC20 in the summer, and it’s neutral but pulls kind of grey/ashy at first and then adjusts to my skin tone. The Lioele is a great match for my NC20 skin and is more neutral in tone. The A’Pieu Triple Wear Foundation matches me better when I’m around NC15, but this leans a little too pink for my liking. I can pull it off as long as I don’t layer too much and powder with a shade that matches me better.

So that was my quick swatch session! Hope this was helpful – leave me a comment below! ❤

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