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[Review] Huda Beauty Warm Brown Obsessions Palette

Hey everyone! Long time, no see! I’ve been busy finishing up my degree – I graduated and passed my boards, so now I’m finally onto the next challenge of finding a job and I have a little more free time to blog here and there.

Over Christmas I picked up this small palette at Sephora and fell completely in love with the colors – they are all SO pigmented and blend so well! I am a huge fan of warm colors and this palette called to me! No regrets – if I pan this (and I probably will, which is rare) I will definitely be looking to buy the full size of this if it exists!

Here are a few pictures of the palette:

It’s got a decent-sized mirror!
Close-up: you can tell which shades I’ve been using the most!


And swatches:

These are the 3 shadows in the top row.
The 3 shadows in the middle row.
And the 3 shadows in the bottom row.
All the shadows together!

That foil gold shadow is SO gorgeous!! You can make it pop even more by using it over shadow primer or some kind of a base.

I didn’t experience any fallout from any of these shades and they all blended well. I did think the light pink shade in the bottom row of shadows could have been a bit more pigmented, but all the others are perfect!

Yesterday this was the look I created with it:

This picture is in different lighting, because I felt like the other pictures didn’t quite do the shadows justice!

You can create so many everyday looks with this OR you can go all out glam – that’s what I love about it! Such beautiful, earthy colors – I can’t get enough of them! They lasted almost all day too, and that’s without any eye primer!

This was the first Huda Beauty product that I’ve ever tried, and it makes me want to get more of their shadows!! You guys have any recommendations?? 😍

6 thoughts on “[Review] Huda Beauty Warm Brown Obsessions Palette

  1. It’s a pretty palette for sure. But I take issue with it being made in China while Huda’s other palettes are made in Italy. The mark up on this palette is insane.
    The look you created is super pretty though! 🙂

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    1. I didn’t know about that! That’s not fair! If a full size version of this palette exists I will definitely check where it’s made.

      Yes, the price is what makes me buy very few “high-end” products! This was a rare exception 😜


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