[Unboxing] Beauteque Monthly: January Mask Maven

I have been subscribed to Beauteque’s Mask Maven box for many months, and I can honestly say that I have never been disappointed with their contents!

What I have been disappointed with is their timing – their boxes always arrived at the end of the month or the next month, which was a bit annoying, since I would get the “February love-themed” box in March, for example, when it was a bit too late to be in the mood for Valentine’s, etc. That wasn’t a big enough deal for me to end my subscription, of course, because the masks were all great quality and I loved every one of them, even if the theme was a little off each month!

However, THIS month the January box actually arrived mid-January! *Cue dance* Yay!!! I can finally try some of the January masks in January! (It’s the small things lol) This makes me hopeful that they’ve changed their shipping times to be more accurate! Let’s hope this trend continues!

When I first subscribed, they sent out their masks in little drawstring bags shipped in padded envelopes, but after a while they upgraded to these lovely boxes that make it really feel like a gift/treat:

They used to come with description cards listing short summaries about each mask in the box, but they condensed it all into this one card, where you can find more information about the masks online:

Somehow, I like this way better, not sure why.

So pretty!!!!

This box came with 9 different masks:

I was familiar with all these brands, and I was especially excited to see those beautiful NOHJ masks!! I’ll definitely be posting on Instagram when I try those out!

These three all looked great – I’ve never tried a Goodal mask before, so I’m excited about that! I already love the idea of the “After Overwork Vitamin Water Pack” mask because I definitely need some relaxation after a long shift!

Lastly, they included a couple masks from a brand I’m not familiar with: “FrienVita”? They definitely had me pegged with the “Anti-wrinkle function”; I’m always looking for that these days.

I was really happy with the selection this month! The only downside is that the QR-scan (or whatever it’s called) on the card actually took me to December’s box, so it didn’t work – maybe they hadn’t updated the QR-thing yet. I’ll try again in a couple of days?

The masks all look like great quality and definitely useful to me personally. One reason I like this subscription is because they send me masks I would never think to buy for myself, and it actually makes it possible for me to try new masks! If I had gone and bought each of these individually myself, it would have cost me a fortune, because I would have probably had to order from different websites, pay separate shipping, etc. What a hassle! This way, I can try new brands, different masks, all for a lower price and curated for me by someone else! I don’t even have to think!

If that’s something you’re looking for in a sheet mask subscription box, I’d definitely give this a try! (And this is NOT sponsored, by the way). For those who are curious, the Beauteque Mask Maven subscription is $15/month, but you pay lower rates if you subscribe for longer periods (6-months, 12-months).

P.S. Sometimes I use the sheet masks as small gifts for people as well! 😉 Handy to have around!

Hope this was helpful – thanks for reading! Leave me a comment below – have you tried any beauty subscriptions? What did you think?


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