What’s my deal?

Hi there! 🙂 I am a 27-year-old world-traveler who is currently a full-time Nursing Student and part-time beauty blogger.

I’m not a writer. I was an avid reader growing up, but I never imagined that I would have a blog or take the time to do all of this. I was more of an artist – I love charcoal and portraits and pastels – but, here I am, hosting my own blog here and doing my thing.

I first discovered the Asian Beauty community on Reddit when I moved to Taiwan Summer of 2014. I lived in Taiwan for a year, and during that time I delved into all the beauty/cosmetic products available in the local stores. The Asian Beauty Reddit community was still smaller at that time and Asian Beauty products hadn’t hit the stores in America yet. American media didn’t know much about it at that point, and the wonderful people over at /r/asianbeauty were so welcoming and helpful. With their knowledge and my experience, I was able to test out many products during my year abroad. I was so hooked on the wonderful quality of the products and the relatively low price compared to Western cosmetics – and the packaging. Oh my god, the packaging.

I’ve lived in other countries as well – I spent a couple years in Germany and many months in Chile, growing up. I’ve tried cosmetics here and there as well. I do like German products, too. Great quality.

To this day, I am still writing reviews on individual products and occasionally posting Empties – always with the hope that some of my experiences here are helping others find what they need and answer questions. I don’t like being pretentious and I don’t pretend to know everything – I like to have fun with my blog and hope that it’s fun for others to read as well! I don’t take myself too seriously.

I still regularly participate in the Asian Beauty Reddit community – you can find me there under the username “sabinchen7”.

I very much welcome comments and questions! Thanks for stopping by, and I hope this site is helpful to you in some way! 🙂

Mittens in the living room
Also, I love cats. Here’s my cat!

7 thoughts on “What’s my deal?

  1. So good to learn more about you and how your Asian beauty obsession started! I enjoyed all your Taiwan adventures. Would you ever consider living in Asia? And I agree about German cosmetics, really good quality stuff.

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    1. Oh lord, the only reason I was able to tear myself away from Taiwan was my sheer will to become a nurse! If I didn’t have that career dream I definitely would have taken root in Taiwan, it’s just the best place I’ve ever lived. The people are so friendly and welcoming, the food is healthy and delicious (well for the most part), and the landscape is breathtaking – plus, after Japan it’s the safest place to live in the whole world. Very low crime rates! I really let my guard down while I was there and I had to build it back up when I moved home again, haha!

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