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[Review] Peripera Cushion Blusher

Good evening everyone! I’m using some extra time that I had today to finish a few reviews that I’ve had drafted up for you guys.

This first one is a quick look at the:

Peripera Cushion Blusher, #2 Happy Coral:

“Ah! Much Real My Cushion Blusher” – so funny!! Reminds me of that dog meme.

It’s in a tube, with a screw-off cap. Very cute packaging!!! :3

Here are the ingredients and rating over at CosDNA!

Below you can see the sponge, after you unscrew the cap – it’s spring-loaded, so you push the top part down and liquid is pumped into the sponge in three different spots (it helps to pump out more if you squeeze the tube a little): 

It’s actually quite sheer – when I swatched it in-store, it was a VERY strong color, but I think it’s because people who “tested” it pumped too much product into the sponge and it was getting everywhere. Too concentrated! If you use it normally, you can layer it very well for a stronger color, or just as easily apply it sheer. It’s a lovely peach color! It looks very natural. And I can definitely layer if I want to, I tried on my hand! But since this is peachy, you probably don’t want to lay it on too many times, or it will start looking orange. Also, this thing seems to have a ton of product in it! And this coral color is perfect for the coming summer season. Loving it!

Since the in-store tester was SUCH a mess to use, I was hesitant about getting it, thinking it would be a mess to use at home as well. Fortunately, I gave it a go – it’s absolutely amazing!! I have a ton of powder blushes that I like to use, but my go-to before this product was a stick, cream blush from Maybelline. It was more practical than powder, but the application was fussier because you had to dab on a bit of strong color and then blend it out really well.

Here are some graphics from Peripera, with instructions about how to use this product:


The only concern here would be hygiene – but it’s about the same as the stick blush, to be honest. I would rather have a sponge like this and wash it every once in a while, rather than have a hygienic pump and have to spend more time putting on my makeup in the morning. At least you can wash the sponge… with my stick blush, the best I could do was wipe the end off with a tissue. 😛 I need something quick, convenient and easy to apply – this fits my needs really well, and it looks great to boot!

Have you guys tried any cushion blushers? What do you think? Any recommendations? 😀

❤ Bine Queen ❤

13 thoughts on “[Review] Peripera Cushion Blusher

  1. This is so cute, and I suppose it’s very convenient if you’re travelling. But yeah, anything with sponge applicators give me the heebie jeebies. It’s good that in the promotional images, it does show that you can remove the sponge too – I think the average consumer forgets about cleaning their sponges / brushes!

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  2. I noticed that cushions are the it thing today. Now I got to know other Peripera line aside from their lip products which is a hit in my country. Btw, I tagged you to do the Lipstick Tag. 🙂

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  3. Love your review! How does the sponge applicator feel? The sponge applicator that I tried on a store tester was super hard and not soft at all, and I wasn’t sure if that was how it was supposed to be or because the store tester had just been used so many times.

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    1. Oh I didn’t think about mentioning how the sponge felt, good question! It’s soft – you can feel the small hard bit underneath it that dispenses the product into the sponge, but the sponge itself is soft. I bet the tester had a lot of dried up product in it? Testers dry out so easily!!


      1. Probably! The tester looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in awhile… or at all really. Not entirely surprised since it was a small store and they had a lot of testers out for everything, but it really impacted my opinion of that cushion blusher and I would have written it off as overhyped had I not read your review!

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  4. Hello, I’m new to Asian cosmetics and recently discovered Peripera products. What attracts me to the lip tint is the natural mostly safe ingredients. I really want to try this cushion blush because the mostly natural shades seem classier to me than the overdone pigments on western blushers. I was so glad you posted the actual ingredients since they are hard to find sometimes and I don’t speak or read Korean. I’m a little concerned about the Red Lake color in this and the 5 rating? Is that more toxic than a 1 rating? There’s lots of complicated ingredients in this too….could you add some of your ideas or thoughts on the ingredients in this blush, are they mostly natural?…etc…
    Thank you for your review I found it very helpful.


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