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[Comparison Review] Innisfree Green Tea Moisture Cream vs. Innisfree Green Tea Seed Cream

Good morning, all!! So I’ve been sick since yesterday – my voice is gone pretty much and I’ve skipped my morning coffees. I am not completely coherent without that in the mornings, so bear with me if I sound a little crazy, lol!

NOTE: I have normal to dry skin.

Today I’m doing a comparison review of Innisfree’s Green Tea Moisture Cream and their Green Tea Seed Cream.

First, let’s look at the Green Tea Moisture Cream:
  Above is the packaging for the first product. It looks like Innisfree always uses recycled paper for its packaging, and soy ink for printing it.

This cream has 57.4% green tea extract!

HERE is a link for the CosDNA rating and the list of ingredients!

Below you can see the jar itself:

It’s a lot smaller than I thought for some reason, but it’s definitely similar to the amount that you get when you buy a cream from Narüko! Also, a little goes a really long way with this cream. The manufacturing date is printed on the bottom. I just love the design on the lid, it’s gorgeous!

The cream is sealed with a plastic liner and then a plastic rim to seal it tight:  
The cream itself is very solid in the jar, and very, very creamy!!   Usually, if you wanted (for some reason) to stick your finger in the jar all the way to the bottom, you could – but not with this cream. It’s really thick and has a solid feel if you push down on it in the jar. If you guys have ever used those little tins of Nivea cream, it kind of reminds me of that consistency! It still blends out very easily, though, as you can see below:

You only need a little for your whole face – the amount on the back of my hand above would be enough! Also, I should mention that there is a little fragrance in this one. It’s a light, refreshing scent that doesn’t linger.

And now, the Green Tea Seed Cream:

The packaging is the same, but with slightly different colors.

This cream has 52.4% green tea extract! And it also has green tea seed oil.

HERE is the link for the CosDNA rating / ingredient list!

The jar has a darker green, and the lid is a dark brown:

The manufacturing date is on the bottom here as well. Lovely packaging, again! Simple but elegant.

It also has the same plastic lining/rim as the other cream. The biggest different between the two is the consistency of the cream: 

I personally expected this one to be richer than the other, but it’s quite the opposite. This one is much more gel-like and less thick. It’s more translucent than the other as well. This one has a more pleasant fragrance than the other in my opinion – it smells just like the Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum.


Both creams are very moisturizing, but I do think that the Green Tea Moisture Cream does hydrate more intensely. If you need a strong occlusive, I would highly recommend this one! It was definitely made with Dry Skin in mind, as it says on its packaging. Those with Oily Skin, stay farrrrr away from this one!! Even for those with dry skin, I think this one is best used in the evening.

For the summer, I think I’d probably prefer to use the Green Tea Seed Cream, because it’s lighter but still really moisturizing. This one could also probably be used in the morning as well, without being too heavy. The Green Tea Moisture Cream will be a life-saver in the winter!

Overall, I really like both and they do moisturize my face very well! They are fragranced, but it’s not overpowering or unpleasant and the smell doesn’t linger. They moisturize much better than the Narüko Night Gelly or the Missha Snail Cream that I was using before!! I will definitely repurchase when I’m out and I’m excited to try out more things from this line! 🙂

Have you guys tried any Innisfree Green Tea products? What about their other lines? What’s your favorite Innisfree product?

❤ Bine Queen ❤

9 thoughts on “[Comparison Review] Innisfree Green Tea Moisture Cream vs. Innisfree Green Tea Seed Cream

    1. The Green Tea Seed Serum would be fine during the day or night, whereas the Moisture Cream would be better only at night because it’s so thick. Both are very moisturizing, but the latter is more occlusive.

      And also thanks 😀 Hopefully my voice is normal by tomorrow XD My students are all shocked haha


  1. Great review!! I’m always looking for reviews for those two :))) I havent bought any but I heard about Seed Serum that is a holy-grail so the cream from same line may help because I live in tropical and humid area, intense moisturizing effect is not really helpful 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have been eyeing these two for a while because I love green tea stuff…but I’ve been on the fence. Maybe I’ll give one of them a try since my skin is horribly dry all the time haha. Thanks for the info!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This review was just what I was looking for! I was stuck with these two creams and this gave me a light! hahaha I guess I’ll get the moisture cream first, but I eventually will want to try the other one too…. hahaha
    Thanks for comparing! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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